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We have been specialising in transport and forwarding services for over 50 years now. Do you need expert support in organising your transport? Are you looking for an experienced partner who will deliver your goods on time, with no complications, while maintaining the highest standards? We offer professional services in Poland as well as in Europe. A transport fleet consisting of efficient vehicles is a top priority for each business involved in utility vehicles, hence it is worth having a professional partner by your side, able to offer comprehensive solutions and a portfolio of all the services you might need. 

About us

For years we have been demonstrating we are worth your trust. Transport is not merely our way of life; it is also the passion of our family. It is hard to remain competitive when it is a standard to be reliable. However, the satisfaction we get when we are able to meet our clients’ demands and face new, difficult challenges drives us to action. Over the 50 years of our experience, we have never been beaten by subsequent political, legal, and social transformations. We are not afraid of responsibility. We consciously implement innovative solutions, making every effort to overcome all obstacles as soon as possible. We value cooperation based on communication, respect, and mutual understanding. For this reason, we employ ambitious, well-mannered, and passionate people, who constitute a close-knit team. It is thanks to them that our company is so successful, that it is constantly developing and rushing forward. Despite this spontaneous development, we make every effort to maintain our family-like relations and character of the company! There is strength in values! Let’s work together! Many thanks. 

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1200 clients
20,000 orders annually
400,000 tons of goods
13,000,000 kilometres travelled

Our offer

Transport of goods - tarpaulins

We offer professional services in Poland and in Europe. Our team of experienced forwarders will organise your transport to meet all your needs: time, safety, and price.


Transport of goods - tanks

Na czas, na miejsce, bezpiecznie. Odzwierciedla to nasze zaangażowanie w dostarczanie niezawodnych, precyzyjnych i bezpiecznych rozwiązań w zakresie transportu produktów chemicznych i ładunków ADR.


Car windows

Our offer includes over 3,500 glasses for most models of passenger cars, delivery vehicles, trucks and buses.


Service of trucks and semi-trailers

As our technical support covers a full range of services, you can be sure you will have all your repairs and inspections done in one place.


MVDS under the auspices of MTI

Many years of experience and professional expertise of our diagnosticians guarantee professional evaluation, inspection, and diagnostics of your vehicle.


Driver Training Centre

In cooperation with the company Training and Consulting Services Paweł Kurasz we conduct periodic training and specialist courses for drivers and operators, we issue certificates and permits.


Mobility Package for Companies

We offer to cooperate with transport companies which employ drivers in international transport.


Truck Parking Space

A safe parking space for trucks, guarded 24h. Spacious, well-illuminated, with many amenities.


Car wash

Our offer covers external washing of cars, buses, vans, trucks, coaches, tractor units, trailers, and semi-trailers.


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